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The No-Nonsense Approach to AI Passive Income in 2024

AI passive income: In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a shop has managed to achieve an astonishing $48,000 a month by selling simple flower prints.

What’s even more impressive is that these digital products boast margins of around 93%, making it an incredibly lucrative venture and a prime example of the power of AI passive income.

However, the truly remarkable aspect of this success story lies in the fact that this listing is merely 2 months old.

Observing this golden opportunity, another store swiftly followed suit and created a similar product just a month later.

To their delight, they are now generating approximately $10,000 per month per listing, further solidifying the immense potential of AI passive income in today’s market.

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Seizing the Opportunity in the Market Gap

Despite the success of these stores, there remains a significant gap in the market waiting to be exploited.

By identifying one crucial mistake that these stores are making, you can position yourself to capitalize on this opportunity and potentially surpass their earnings.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating these products, driving sales, and maximizing your AI passive income.

Furthermore, by sticking around until the end, you’ll discover a simple yet powerful strategy that none of these stores are implementing, which can easily double or triple your income.

The Secret Behind the Bestselling Flower Prints

At first glance, these flower prints may appear to be nothing extraordinary, yet they have managed to generate an impressive $48,000 a month in sales.

The key to their success lies in the fact that these are not just any ordinary flower portraits, but rather a bouquet of what are known as “birth flowers.”

Birth flowers are specific flowers that represent each month of the year, associated with certain qualities that reflect the individuals born in that particular month.

When customers place an order, they choose the flowers that represent each of their family members.

The seller then takes those selected flowers and digitally arranges them into a stunning bouquet, which is then sent to the customer as a digital download.

Harnessing the Power of AI for Effortless Flower Arrangement

You might be thinking, “Am I expected to manually arrange flowers for every single order? That sounds like a lot of work!”

Fear not, because we’re going to leverage the power of AI to handle this task for us.

By utilizing AI, most of the heavy lifting is taken care of, making this one of the most passive side hustles you can start today.

Instead of investing time and effort into learning Photoshop and manually arranging the flowers into bouquets, we’ll be using Midjourney.

With just a single prompt, Midjourney can generate the desired bouquet in less than 60 seconds, streamlining the entire process.

The Compelling Reasons to Love This AI Passive Income Idea

Before diving into the specifics of creating these stunning flower prints, let’s explore the reasons why this idea is so appealing.

High Margins: With digital downloads, you retain most of the profits, typically around 93% when selling on platforms like Etsy.

If you opt to sell on your own website, you can potentially earn even more, making it a highly profitable venture.

No Shipping or Fulfillment: Unlike traditional e-commerce businesses, there’s no need to worry about shipping or fulfillment.

You don’t have to deal with the time-consuming tasks of packing and shipping, making it a hassle-free business model.

Low Cost: Starting this AI passive income business requires minimal investment. With just $20, you can get started and scale it to generate $40,000 to $50,000 a month.

The beauty of this business lies in the fact that your costs remain fixed at $20, regardless of how much you scale.

Designing Stunning Flower Prints with AI

While there are numerous free AI image generators available, Midjourney stands out as the best option for creating high-quality designs.

Remember, the design is what people are purchasing, so it’s crucial to ensure that you’re able to produce the highest quality possible.

Midjourney offers a subscription plan at just $10 a month, equivalent to the price of two cups of coffee, making it an affordable investment for running this business.

If you don’t have a Midjourney account, simply visit, click on “Join the beta,” and follow the instructions to create a Discord account.

The Winning Prompt for Stunning Flower Bouquets

After conducting thorough testing, a simple yet effective prompt has proven to yield the best results.

To create your desired bouquet, type the following prompt into Midjourney:
/imagine a bouquet of daffodil, chrysanthemum, and rose flowers with stem visible on white background, line art
Feel free to replace the flowers mentioned with any flowers of your choice or even add more flowers to the prompt.

Once you hit enter, Midjourney will generate a set of images based on your prompt. If you’re satisfied with one of the generated images, you can click on it to upscale and download it.

Expanding Your Product Offerings for Maximum Exposure

One of the greatest advantages of a product like this is the ability to take the birth flower concept and offer your customers various styles in completely different listings.

You can create listings featuring watercolor, colored pencil sketch, or even a Van Gogh-inspired style, each highlighting the intricate brushstrokes.

The primary reason for having multiple listings is to increase your exposure on platforms like Etsy.

By creating separate listings for each style, you significantly increase the likelihood of your products being discovered.

With multiple listings appearing on different pages of search results, you can target a wider range of keywords in your titles, enhancing your visibility.

Leveraging a Comprehensive Style Guide for Inspiration

To help you choose the perfect styles for your listings, I highly recommend utilizing an incredible guide that features hundreds, if not thousands, of artists and their distinct styles.

This valuable resource, generously shared by Randolin, can be found below.

It’s important to note that I did not create this guide myself, but I’m grateful to Randolin for making it accessible to the world.

Fine-Tuning Your Prompts for Optimal Results

When working with Midjourney, you may encounter instances where the generated image includes more flowers than requested.

To address this issue and gain more control over the output, simply add the word “one” before each flower in your prompt.

Feel free to experiment with different prompts and find what works best for your specific needs.

If you ever find yourself struggling to generate the desired results, Midjourney’s Community page is an excellent resource.

Search for relevant keywords like “bouquet of flowers in pencil sketch,” and you’ll discover a wide range of images created by other users, along with the exact prompts they used.

Adding Personalization to Your Flower Prints

Once you have your desired image ready, it’s time to add a personal touch to the flower prints.

Using a graphic design tool like Canva, you can easily remove the background and add personalized text to the bottom of the image.

Start by uploading the image you created and placing it in the center of your canvas.

Next, remove the white background behind the flowers using Canva’s AI background remover feature.

With the background removed, you can now add personalized text to the bottom of the image.

Choose a script font for the family name and a simple font for the individual names to create a visually appealing and personalized touch.

Showcasing Your Flower Prints with Elegant Mockups

To enhance the appeal of your listings and help customers visualize how the flower prints would look hanging on their walls, consider using elegant mockups.

Canva offers a built-in mockup tool that allows you to easily place your images on various wall art templates.
Simply click on the t-shirt icon and search for “wall art” to access a range of options.

Choose a mockup that complements your flower print and adjust the image size and placement to your liking.
You can even experiment with different background colors to create a softer and more inviting aesthetic.

Diversifying Your Sales Channels for Maximum Reach

While Etsy is an obvious choice for selling personalized products like these flower prints, it’s crucial to diversify your income streams.

Relying solely on one platform leaves you vulnerable to potential changes or issues that may arise.

Consider setting up your own website using a platform like Shopify to establish your online presence and grow your own audience.

By having your own website, you gain greater control over your business and can mitigate the risks associated with relying solely on third-party platforms.

To streamline the management of your listings across multiple platforms, you can utilize apps that sync your Etsy listings with your Shopify store.

This way, you only need to make changes in one place, and they will automatically sync across all platforms, saving you time and effort.

The Game-Changing Strategy to Double or Triple Your Profits

Now, let’s dive into the one significant aspect that most stores in this niche are overlooking, which presents a golden opportunity for you to differentiate yourself and potentially double or triple your profits.

While the majority of sellers offer these flower prints solely as digital files, you can stand out by providing a printing service.

By offering printed versions of your flower prints, you cater to customers who desire the convenience of receiving a physical product without the hassle of printing it themselves.

Partnering with a print-on-demand provider like Printify allows you to seamlessly integrate this service into your Etsy or Shopify store at no additional cost.

Once a customer approves the artwork, the order is automatically sent to Printify, who handles the printing and shipping directly to the customer.

This hands-off approach enables you to focus on creating the artwork while Printify takes care of the fulfillment process.

Offering a Wide Range of Printing Options

Printify offers a vast selection of picture frames in various sizes and materials, as well as different canvas options.

By providing a diverse range of printing choices, you cater to the preferences and needs of your customers, enhancing their overall experience.

Many customers who purchase these flower prints would likely want them printed and framed, and by offering this service, you capture that additional revenue stream instead of directing it to another provider.

It’s a win-win situation – your customers receive a complete and convenient experience, while you generate more income from each sale.


In conclusion, the AI passive income side hustle of selling personalized flower prints presents a remarkable opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a profitable and scalable business in 2024.

By leveraging the power of AI tools like Midjourney and Canva, you can create stunning designs with minimal effort and investment.

The key to success lies in identifying the market gap, offering a diverse range of styles, and providing a comprehensive customer experience through printing services.

By following the strategies outlined in this guide and continuously refining your approach, you can build a thriving AI passive income stream that has the potential to generate substantial revenue.

Remember to diversify your sales channels, experiment with different prompts and styles, and always prioritize the needs and preferences of your target audience.

With dedication, creativity, and a willingness to adapt, you can establish yourself as a leader in this exciting and lucrative niche.

Embrace the power of AI, seize the opportunities that lie ahead, and embark on a journey towards financial freedom through this dead-simple AI passive income side hustle in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can AI make passive income?

Yes, AI can be a powerful tool for generating passive income. By leveraging AI technologies like Midjourney and Canva, you can create stunning personalized products with minimal effort and investment. These products can then be sold on platforms like Etsy or your own website, allowing you to earn money passively while the AI handles most of the heavy lifting.

How to use AI to earn money?

There are several ways to use AI to earn money. One popular method is by creating personalized products, such as the flower prints mentioned in this guide. By using AI image generators like Midjourney, you can quickly and easily create unique designs that appeal to your target audience. These designs can then be sold as digital downloads or printed products, generating passive income for your business.

Another way to use AI to earn money is by offering AI-powered services, such as content creation, data analysis, or chatbot development. As businesses increasingly seek to incorporate AI into their operations, there is a growing demand for professionals who can help them harness the power of these technologies.

How can I make $1000 a month passively?

Making $1000 a month passively is a realistic goal when utilizing AI for your side hustle. By creating a range of personalized products and offering them across multiple platforms, you can attract a wide audience and generate significant sales.

To reach this goal, focus on creating high-quality designs, optimizing your listings for search engines, and providing excellent customer service. Consistently adding new products and styles to your offerings will help keep your business fresh and appealing to both new and returning customers.

Additionally, by implementing the strategy of offering printing services, you can significantly increase your average order value and profit margins, making it easier to reach your monthly income target.

How to use AI to build a side hustle?

Building a side hustle with AI involves several key steps:

  1. Identify a niche or problem that AI can help solve. In this guide, we focused on the personalized flower print niche, but there are countless other opportunities to explore.
  2. Research and select the appropriate AI tools for your side hustle. For creating designs, Midjourney and Canva are excellent options. Other AI tools may be suitable depending on your specific niche and requirements.
  3. Create a range of high-quality products or services using AI. Experiment with different prompts, styles, and variations to appeal to a broad audience.
  4. Choose your sales platforms and set up your listings. Etsy and Shopify are popular choices for selling personalized products, but consider other options as well to diversify your income streams.
  5. Market your AI-powered side hustle through various channels, such as social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. Continuously monitor and adjust your strategies to optimize your results.
  6. Provide excellent customer service and regularly update your offerings to maintain customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

By following these steps and consistently putting in the effort to grow and improve your AI-powered side hustle, you can build a successful and profitable business that generates passive income for years to come.

We strongly recommend that you check out our guide on how to take advantage of AI in today’s passive income economy.