You are currently viewing 6 Best AI Writing Assistants for Bloggers on a Budget (FREE Options Included)

6 Best AI Writing Assistants for Bloggers on a Budget (FREE Options Included)

Unleashing the Power of AI Writing Assistants for Bloggers

AI Writing Assistants are revolutionizing the future of blogging. In this article, we’ll explore six of the best AI tools that bloggers can start using today to streamline their content creation process. These AI Writing Assistants are mostly free and can help you generate ideas, create outlines, and even write entire blog posts in a matter of minutes, making AI Writing Assistants an invaluable asset for any blogger looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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1. Chat GPT

Chat GPT, created by OpenAI, has taken the world by storm since its release on November 30th, 2022. This powerful AI writing assistant is trained on a massive amount of data and text written by humans across the web, allowing it to generate coherent and human-like text based on the prompts you provide.

While Chat GPT is not designed to completely replace content creators, it can be an invaluable tool for generating ideas, article titles, and even entire blog post outlines. By leveraging the power of this AI writing assistant, you can save time and streamline your content creation process.

Generating Article Titles with Chat GPT

One of the most useful applications of Chat GPT for bloggers is generating article titles. By providing the AI with a keyword you want to target, you can quickly generate a list of potential titles optimized for search engines.

For example, if you input the prompt “give me 10 snarky blog titles with the keyword ‘how to make money with Chat GPT’,” the AI writing assistant might generate ideas like:

  1. 10 Easy Ways to Make a Fortune with Chat GPT (Hint: It Involves Duping People into Thinking You’re Actually Human)
  2. The Sleazy Way to Get Rich with Chat GPT: Preying on the Naive and Gullible

While these titles are humorous, they demonstrate the power of AI writing assistants in generating creative ideas quickly.

Creating Article Outlines with Chat GPT

Another way to use Chat GPT is to generate outlines for SEO-optimized articles. By providing the AI writing assistant with a prompt like “give me headers and subheaders for an article with the keyword ‘how to lose weight fast’ that is optimized for SEO,” you can quickly create a structure for your blog post.

Remember, the outline generated by the AI writing assistant is just a starting point. You should always review and refine the outline to ensure it meets your specific needs and aligns with your brand’s voice and style.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerhouse among AI writing assistants for bloggers. Originally called Jarvis, this tool has continuously innovated and improved its product over the years, raising $125 million in funding and achieving a $1.5 billion valuation in November 2022.

Jasper’s Templates and Features

Jasper offers a wide range of templates and features that make it an essential tool for bloggers. Some of its most useful features include:

  1. Paragraph Generator: If you have an idea for a section of your blog post but struggle with how to express it, Jasper’s paragraph generator can help. Simply input your subheader and a few sentences about what you want to write, and the AI writing assistant will generate multiple paragraphs for you to choose from and edit to fit your blog post.
  2. Persuasive Bullet Points: Jasper’s persuasive bullet point template helps you draft creative and compelling bullet points that encourage readers to take action, such as clicking a link or subscribing to your email list.
  3. AIDA and PAS Frameworks: Jasper incorporates the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) copywriting frameworks into its templates, making it easier for bloggers to write persuasive copy that drives results.

Jasper’s Boss Mode

One of Jasper’s most powerful features is its Boss Mode, which allows you to generate full-length blog posts using AI. By filling out a few prompts, such as the title of your blog post, the keyword you want to target, and a short description of the article’s content, Jasper can generate multiple paragraphs based on your inputs.

While Jasper claims that the content it produces is plagiarism-free, it’s always a good idea to review and edit the generated content to ensure it aligns with your brand’s voice and style. Additionally, running the content through plagiarism checkers can help you avoid any potential issues.

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a powerful tool that helps bloggers create SEO-optimized content by analyzing target keywords and providing data-driven insights based on the websites currently ranking for those keywords.

Creating Content Briefs with Surfer SEO

To use Surfer SEO, simply input your target keyword, such as “best luxury watches,” and the tool will generate a list of topic clusters related to that keyword. You can then select the cluster you want to target, and Surfer SEO will create a content brief based on the websites already ranking for that keyword.

The content brief includes information like titles, headings, and Q&A sections from competing websites, which you can easily insert into your own content editor. This feature allows you to quickly draft an article outline in just a few minutes without manually researching your competitors’ content.

Optimizing Content with Semantic Keywords

In addition to helping you create content briefs, Surfer SEO also provides a list of semantic keywords to include in your article. These keywords are based on the content of the top-ranking websites for your target keyword, ensuring that your article covers all the relevant topics and phrases.

By incorporating these semantic keywords into your blog post, you can create more comprehensive and relevant content that is more likely to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

4. AI Image Generators

AI image generators, such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, are powerful tools that allow bloggers to create unique, copyright-free images based on text prompts. These AI writing assistants are particularly useful for bloggers who want to add visual interest to their posts without relying on stock photos or risking copyright infringement.


DALL-E, created by OpenAI (the same company behind Chat GPT), generates images based on the prompts you provide. For example, if you input “Nicholas Cage dancing at a disco in a futuristic style,” DALL-E will generate a series of images that match that description.

The possibilities are endless with DALL-E, as you can create any type of image you can imagine. However, keep in mind that the quality and relevance of the generated images will depend on how well you craft your prompts.

Stable Diffusion and Lensa

Stable Diffusion is another AI image generator that works similarly to DALL-E, but it tends to create slightly different looking images based on the same prompts.

Lensa, a popular smartphone app, uses AI to enhance your photos or create unique artistic renderings. Many people have used Lensa to generate futuristic superhero avatars for their social media profiles.

5. Grammarly

While Grammarly is not a traditional AI writing assistant like Chat GPT or Jasper, it still uses artificial intelligence to help improve your writing. Most people use Grammarly to check their emails or blog posts for grammatical and spelling errors, but the tool offers much more than that.

Contextual Spelling and Grammar Corrections

Grammarly goes beyond simple spell-checking by considering the context of your writing. For example, it can distinguish between commonly confused words like “lose” and “loose,” ensuring that you use the correct word based on the sentence’s context.

The tool also offers suggestions for improving sentence structure, making your writing clearer and more concise. By using Grammarly, you can be confident that your blog posts are free of errors and easy to read.

Writing Style Suggestions

In addition to correcting spelling and grammar, Grammarly provides suggestions for improving your writing style based on your goals. For instance, if you’re writing an email to a company CEO, Grammarly can help you make your writing more succinct and professional.

When writing blog posts, Grammarly can offer tips for making your content more engaging and persuasive, helping you connect with your readers and encourage them to take action, such as clicking on affiliate links.

Plagiarism Detection

Grammarly also includes a built-in plagiarism checker, which helps ensure that your content is original and not inadvertently copying someone else’s work. This feature is particularly important for bloggers, as search engines like Google may penalize websites with plagiarized content.

6. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a browser extension that offers several useful features for content creation. Once installed, the extension works directly in your browser, making it easy to use while writing blog posts or other content.

Type Ahead Feature

One of Hypotenuse AI’s most interesting features is its Type Ahead function. As you write, the AI writing assistant learns from your content and suggests words and phrases based on what you’ve written previously. This feature can be particularly helpful if you’re struggling with a specific topic or looking for inspiration.

Rewrite Tool

Hypotenuse AI also includes a Rewrite tool, which allows you to highlight any text and have it rewritten based on various prompts. You can choose to expand the content, make it more concise, or even clean it up to sound more professional. This feature is perfect for bloggers who want to quickly generate new ideas or rephrase existing content.

Auto Write Feature

Finally, Hypotenuse AI’s Auto Write feature allows you to input a topic or idea, and the AI writing assistant will generate five different content suggestions. You can then copy, paste, and edit these suggestions to fit your needs and preferences.


AI writing assistants and tools are revolutionizing the way bloggers create content. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you can generate ideas, outlines, and even entire blog posts in a matter of minutes.

However, it’s essential to remember that these AI tools are not meant to replace human writers entirely. Instead, they should be viewed as powerful aids that can help you streamline your content creation process and overcome writer’s block.

When using AI-generated content, always take the time to review, edit, and refine the output to ensure it aligns with your brand’s voice, style, and goals. Additionally, keep in mind that search engines like Google prioritize helpful, original content that meets users’ needs, so focus on creating valuable content for your readers first and foremost.

By embracing these game-changing AI tools and using them strategically, you can revolutionize your blogging strategy and create compelling content that engages your audience and drives results.


Q: Which is the best AI writing assistant?

A: The best AI writing assistant depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some of the most popular and highly-rated AI writing assistants include:

  1. Jasper AI: Known for its versatility and wide range of templates, Jasper AI is a powerful tool for bloggers and content creators.
  2. Chat GPT: Developed by OpenAI, Chat GPT is a highly advanced language model that can generate human-like text based on prompts.
  3. Surfer SEO: This AI writing assistant focuses on helping bloggers create SEO-optimized content by providing data-driven insights and suggestions.

Ultimately, the best AI writing assistant for you will depend on factors such as your budget, the type of content you create, and the features you prioritize.

Q: What are AI writing assistants?

A: AI writing assistants are tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help writers generate, edit, and optimize their content. These tools can perform various tasks, such as:

  1. Generating article ideas and outlines
  2. Suggesting relevant keywords and phrases
  3. Providing writing prompts and inspiration
  4. Checking for spelling, grammar, and readability issues
  5. Analyzing content for SEO optimization

AI writing assistants aim to streamline the content creation process and help writers overcome challenges like writer’s block, while also improving the quality and effectiveness of their content.

Q: Is there a free AI writer?

A: Yes, there are several free AI writing assistants available, including:

  1. Chat GPT: Developed by OpenAI, Chat GPT is a free-to-use AI language model that can generate human-like text based on prompts.
  2. Hypotenuse AI: This browser extension offers a free version with limited features, such as the Type Ahead and Rewrite tools.
  3. Grammarly: While not primarily an AI writing assistant, Grammarly offers a free version that includes basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks.

Keep in mind that while these tools offer free versions, they may have limitations compared to their paid counterparts, such as restricted word counts, fewer templates, or limited access to certain features.

Q: What AI can help me write?

A: Several AI-powered tools can help you write more effectively, including:

  1. AI writing assistants: Tools like Jasper AI, Chat GPT, and Surfer SEO can help you generate ideas, create outlines, and optimize your content for search engines.
  2. Grammar and spelling checkers: AI-powered tools like Grammarly can help you identify and correct errors in your writing, improving its clarity and professionalism.
  3. Text-to-speech software: AI-driven text-to-speech tools can help you proofread your content by reading it aloud, making it easier to catch awkward phrasing or missing words.
  4. Content optimization platforms: Some AI-powered platforms, such as MarketMuse and Clearscope, analyze your content and provide suggestions for improving its relevance, comprehensiveness, and search engine rankings.

By leveraging these AI-powered tools, you can streamline your writing process, improve the quality of your content, and ultimately achieve better results with your writing.

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