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How to Make Money with AI Models: A Lucrative Trend

People are discovering how to make money with AI models, a method that’s not only intense but also highly lucrative. Thousands are being made by individuals leveraging this trend, and it’s only growing in popularity. Welcome to a world where trusting what you see is becoming increasingly difficult, and the line between reality and digital creation is blurring.

This method, while cool, is also somewhat disturbing, raising questions about the ethical implications of such technology. It seems I was living under a rock, or more likely, under a rock, oblivious to the rapid advancements in this field. As we delve deeper into the world of AI, it’s clear that understanding how to make money with AI models is becoming an essential skill for those looking to capitalize on this digital gold rush. Let’s dive in and explore the possibilities that this innovative and somewhat eerie technology presents.

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The Future of AI Models: Clones and Perfect Slaves

Imagine a future where you have a clone that looks and speaks just like you, a concept that’s not only fascinating but also opens up new avenues for how to make money with AI models. Creepy, right? Let’s take it a step further. Imagine the hottest girl your mind can conjure. You can make her say or do whatever you want. Isn’t it like having a perfect slave? Creepy, indeed. AI models and influencers typically refer to computer-generated entities designed to mimic human behavior, generate entertaining content, and engage with audiences.

How romantic. Creating an AI influencer involves AI technology, machine learning, and a sprinkle of creative content generation. They look incredibly real, and it’s scary. Just look at the pictures. This level of realism not only captivates audiences but also presents unique opportunities for how to make money with AI models, as these digital beings can attract a significant following and generate revenue through various channels.

The Simple Theory: Creating and Profiting from AI Models

The theory is simple: choose AI technology, create and train your model, and then this perfect slave will print money for you. But let’s go even further, shall we? This seductive AI power is shaping our digital world. Yes, setting this up is complicated. I was casually scrolling on social media and saw a story from a friend about an AI model generating $10,000 a month. I know many models, and they do not generate $10,000 a month. Her social following is growing crazily. Last time I checked, she had around 100K followers. I’ll share a screenshot later. Something tells me she already has much more. How do they do it?

Case Study: Aana Lopez, the AI Influencer from Barcelona

Aana Lopez is an AI influencer created by an agency in Barcelona. A couple of creative, maybe slightly weird, individuals decided to create her. They’re trying to mimic a real human being on social media, making numerous posts showing her day-to-day life. They generate pictures with her face in different settings, like on the beach, and mostly selfies. You might wonder how it’s possible to grow your social media with just pictures. Apparently, you can.

The Experiment: Testing the Believability of AI Models

I decided to conduct a little experiment. There’s no way people believe this, right? I mean, it’s pretty obvious. She looked kind of cute, but I could definitely tell she was not real. I have a background in editing and shooting pictures and videos. I showed her profile to my best friend, a guy, to test if he would spot the fake. To my surprise, he said she looked okay, not really his type, but fine. He didn’t realize she wasn’t real.

I showed him more profiles of other AI influencers, and he couldn’t see that they were not real. He liked some more than others, but he legit thought they were real people. After I told him it was AI-generated, he was pretty surprised.

The Shady Series: Hiring Someone to Create an AI Influencer

Then, I decided to do some research. I went to Fiverr to see if I could hire someone to create an AI influencer. It’s such a spicy and interesting side hustle. I found a job offer where, in a couple of seconds, you could get a picture with beautiful abs and basically become shredded. I had a cool conversation with a 12-year-old girl. She’s basically native to the internet, born with iPads in her hands. I asked her if she knew we could create people and talk to someone. She said she thought she knew what I was talking about.

She told me a story about how she was scrolling on TikTok and saw a video saying that if you feel lonely, you could open this chat and have a dedicated friend 24/7. She spent a lot of time talking to this “person,” although she understood it was AI. I was so surprised. Between a 12-year-old girl and a 30-something guy, there’s not much difference. It seems like they didn’t see the difference, or they chose not to, or they didn’t mind.

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How to Make Money with AI Models: Monetizing Your AI Influencer

So, how do they actually make money? We cannot deny the influence and impact these creatures have on our society. Just open the comments on their profiles, and you’ll see thousands of guys saying, “You are my goddess, you are the love of my life.” But how are they making money? First of all, you need to generate a lot of content. Here’s the tricky part: how do you make it consistent? Remember, you need to create an influencer with AI technologies. You create the face and then duplicate it many times because you need this face to look the same in almost every picture. Otherwise, people will spot it, and they’ll think you’re a theme page or something.

To generate content, you need some help from ChatGPT. Your influencer needs to have some personality. You can make a prompt asking for general traits, put them in a document or file, and stick with it, just like if you were creating a brand for yourself. You’re not going to have a persona if people are not going to be attached. So, you generate a lot of content, a lot of pictures with the same-looking person.

You can take a generated face and a video of someone and swap the faces. Your imaginary AI influencer will have a real presence in the video. So, you create your influencer, leverage their following, and basically do what’s in the name: influence people with your pictures and use it as a marketing channel.

How to Make Money with AI Models: Brand Collaborations and More

How can you make money, just like a normal influencer? Your day-to-day influencer can make brand collaborations and be paid for doing so. This is not really far from reality. Let’s see, Levis, for example. It’s actually crazy. What about Google just coming up with this new feature where you can try on clothes or any other products on your AI model?

You can have a solid presence on social media, and a lot of brands will be happy to pay you a little dollar for promoting them. If you’re a bit creative, you could do the same for your brand. Imagine you have a dropshipping store, an e-commerce brand, or an affiliate marketing business. You can basically create free promotion for your business. Your AI influencer can be your brand ambassador. I mean, it’s not sure, but someone told me that marketing was important. A person who is always there, always willing to promote your stuff, and looks kind of cute is most likely going to capture some attention. This is perfect.

Another way of generating money is to host and create virtual events, like streams or lives on TikTok, Twitch, or any other platform, and get your coin there. Another way, which is kind of similar to creating a brand, is doing some merchandising. If you have an online presence and following, you can create merch, like a hoodie or something, and sell your stuff. Everything really comes down to your creativity. Or we can go back to NFTs.

Another way is, if you have a social media following and a website, you can channel your following to your website, where they could spend time doing whatever, and you would have some ads placed there and get some money for showing those ads. This is basically how most blogs work. It depends only on you how much you can make with this.

How to Make Money with AI Models: Subscription Models and Collaborations

The juicy one is to have a subscription model, like an account similar to OnlyFans or Patreon. You need to create a following that is willing to pay their attention or their money to interact with your influencer. The last way is collaboration with other human influencers. You can create really interesting pieces of content with real influencers, which is going to be unique and creative. But the success of your influencer really depends on how well it’s done. If you’re not consistent and don’t stay up to date, you probably won’t achieve much.

The Dark Side: The Controversies Surrounding AI Models

The negative side to all of this is the controversy around real humans and artificial intelligence. We can get detached from real interactions, which can be harmful for some people. We’re probably going to see a lot of replacement, which is going to lower prices and raise supply and demand issues. The reality is deception and manipulation.

This technology can be misused really badly, and the way it influences young people, boys, and society in general is huge. We’re going to be used to seeing someone not real looking real. We’re going to have real privacy invasion. People seem to interact less and less with each other. Creating AI models is not going to help, and creating more OnlyFans is not going to benefit real relationships.

Conclusion: The Power and Potential of AI Models in Making Money

So, what’s the point? The point is to educate you on how to make money with AI models and demonstrate the immense potential of this technology. AI’s power is undeniable, and the financial rewards can be substantial. This is a small example of an influencer getting $10,000 a month, showcasing just one of the many ways to capitalize on AI models.

As we navigate this evolving landscape, it’s crucial that we as a society stay informed and employ our critical thinking skills. By doing so, we can not only harness the financial benefits of AI but also protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential pitfalls. In essence, understanding how to make money with AI models is not just about the monetary gain but also about ensuring ethical and responsible use of technology.

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