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How AI and Print On Demand Unlock Profitable Product Ideas

In today’s article, I’ll be showing you how to combine AI and e-commerce to create a killer business.

More specifically, we’ll be talking about print on demand, and while this pairs perfectly with AI tools like Chat GPT and Midjourney, these tools will be able to help you find top-selling products within your niche.

I’m super excited for this article because we have so much to unpack.

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What is Print on Demand?

Now, you guys already know print on demand e-commerce is a great and very lucrative type of business you can start.

There are so many successful print on demand businesses generating over $1 million per year in revenue.

For example, Meana is a very interesting one estimated to do about $200,000 per month in revenue.

As well as Astrography, this is a company that prints and sells fine art related to space, and it’s absolutely crushing it.

AI Prompts for Profitable Product Ideas

So yeah, we’ll be covering AI prompts that help you identify top-selling, profitable product ideas, create custom quotes and text for your products that do really well with print on demand, as well as how you can generate images to put on your products.

Just a quick recap on what print on demand is (feel free to skip to this time code below if you already know what it is).

Essentially, with print on demand, instead of printing a certain amount of items and waiting for them to sell, products are printed as they are purchased.

Most of the production and logistics are done for you, so you can basically focus more time on making high-quality designs and marketing.

Of course, there are so many different things you can put your designs onto, for example, t-shirts, posters, backpacks, blankets, phone cases—really, the list is endless.

I’m not going to go into the details of the business model in this article since I have so many other articles covering this topic.

But let’s first take a look at some examples of really successful stores that likely use AI with their product strategy.

Successful Print on Demand Stores

As you’ll see, all of these products have quotes, slogans, and texts that are relatable to certain groups of people.

This is really the perfect type of product that we can use AI for, and it’s going to blow your mind.

We’re here on Etsy, and here’s an example of a store that absolutely crushes it.

As you can see, they make a ton of custom t-shirts with niche quotes and designs to go with them.

If we look at their analytics, you can see there’s an estimated 244,000 sales as well as $6.39 million in revenue.

Here are some of their products, it’s going to show you how many monthly sales they get as well as the total number of sales for that product to date.

As you can see, they have over 1,300 different products, these are all printed on demand.

So, as you can see, this one makes about $120 per month, this one about $11,000 a month, and really, all these add up to a significant revenue.

The thing is, anyone can create these types of designs and slogans.

Using AI for Profitable Product Ideas

We can also check out the store Print and Arrow.

This one does a lot of custom text t-shirts as well as a ton of different quotes.

It’s very similar to the previous store.

If we plug this into Aura, we can see that to date, they’ve done over 130,000 sales as well as almost $3 million in revenue.

One of their best, most profitable product ideas is this pregnancy announcement shirt.

If we click on this, you can see it’s very, very easy—it’s straightforward, and this particular shirt has sold over 2,000 times with $50,000 in total revenue.

Here’s another store called Ghost Tees—they’ve done about 45,000 sales.

This one has quotes as well as straightforward designs, and I don’t know the legality of having certain types of images like this on shirts, so that’s something you’ll definitely want to ensure is okay.

This is another really successful store that does a lot of movie quotes as well as novelty things.

Let’s talk about how AI can be used to recreate stores just like these and uncover profitable product ideas.
Essentially, our whole goal is to use AI to recreate the success of these stores with our own spin.

We’ll mostly be focusing on Chat GPT as well as Midjourney, and that’s because print on demand is a lot about the design work as well as coming up with ideas for slogans, quotes, and the types of designs to create.

Chat GPT Prompts for Profitable Product Ideas

So I’m going to give you a bunch of different Chat GPT prompts that you can use.

I’m going to come here and say, “Give me 10 inspirational phrases that I can sell on a t-shirt, mug, bag, or whatever.”

Of course, we can get more niche down, and this is what I recommend to find profitable product ideas.

We don’t want to have general quotes; we want quotes that really resonate with a smaller group of people.

For example, “Give me 10 business quotes that I can sell to med students in college on a poster.”

So now we’re doing business quotes that are attractive to med school students and work well for a poster—a more profitable product idea.

We’ll click enter, and bam, it’s going to give us 10 different things that we can use.

Of course, we can always give feedback if we want.

If you want things that are shorter, we can always say that.

If you want longer quotes, you can put that as well.

Really, just think of it as a generator that can create anything you want—you can give it as much feedback as you want, and it will take that advice into consideration for its next output.

You can also say something like, “Give me 10 entrepreneur slogans that I can print on a t-shirt. Make them funny and creative.”

So we’re saying the amount of slogans we want, this is the niche (entrepreneurship), we want to put them on a t-shirt, so it’s going to know that, and we want them to be funny and creative— profitable product ideas.

The more context and details you can give it, the better ideas it can give you.

We’ll click enter here and see what it gives us.

Looking through these, I think these are pretty good, and it knows that coffee is something that’s really relatable.
Just go through these, you can have it make more if you want, use your own judgment, and think about which ones would do well as profitable product ideas, and take those.

More Prompts for Profitable Product Ideas

Here’s another prompt: “Give me 10 funny slogans that I can sell as stickers. It’ll be for people who love business and entrepreneurship in their 20s. Please write them as though they are Monopoly cards, with each word having a maximum of six characters.”

As you can see, this one has even more detail to help generate profitable product ideas.

We’re targeting people in their 20s who love business and entrepreneurship, we want them to be funny, we want them to go on stickers, and we want them to be written in a certain type of way—we’re saying, “Write them as though they are Monopoly cards.”

So it’s going to know how to do that, and we’re also saying each word should have a maximum of six characters.
We’ll click enter, and bam, now we have a bunch of different ideas we can use.

You can see they’re all in the Monopoly format: “Go collect 200 ideas,” “Land tax pain and coffee,” “Jail just networking time”—these are pretty good profitable product ideas.

As you can see, they are created specifically for stickers in the Monopoly format.

The things that we can get very specific with on Chat GPT are the length of the text we want it to give us, the demographics (so who we are trying to relate to and target), the tone of the text (do we want it to be controversial, funny, uplifting, whatever it is), and we can tell it to create text in a certain format to generate profitable product ideas.

So as you saw, this last one we used the Monopoly card format.

We can also do a dictionary format—really, the list is endless.

So whatever type of thing you’re trying to emulate for your profitable product ideas, what we can basically do is copy that text, paste it into Chat GPT, and be like, “Hey, make something that is similarly formatted to this,” and it’s going to know how to do that.

So if you use all these different things within your command, you can have Chat GPT output text that is very, very specific and tailored to your liking for profitable product ideas.

Using Midjourney for Profitable Product Ideas

Now let’s talk about different Chat GPT prompts you can use for Midjourney to create visuals for your profitable product ideas.

I will say that if you do have Chat GPT Plus, there’s actually a plugin called Photorealistic, and basically, you can use that to get prompts for Midjourney.

But if you don’t have that, you can use Chat GPT directly.

So basically, I want you to type this in: “Here is a Midjourney prompt formula: [image word] [prompting five descriptive keywords] [camera type] [camera lens type] [time of day] [style of photograph] [type of film]”

We’ll have this down below in the description so you can pretty much just copy and paste that.

So we’re going to click enter, and I forgot to add this, but we want to say, “Please respond with yes if you understand the formula.”

So we’ll click enter, so now it does understand that we’re basically having a conversation.

We’re training Chat GPT.

Next, we’re going to follow up with this: “Write me five Midjourney prompts for cool car pictures.”

Of course, you can replace “cool car pictures” with whatever you’re trying to generate for your profitable product ideas.

We’ll click enter, now it’s going to give us five Midjourney prompts based on that formula that we gave it above.

Essentially, what we can do is copy and paste these over into Midjourney.

I’ll show you how to do that in just a second.

Here’s another thing we can plug into Chat GPT: “Here’s a Midjourney prompt formula: [subject of image] in the style of [whatever] [five adjectives] [verb that subject is performing]. Please respond with yes if you understand the formula.”

So we’ll have this down below as well.

And now we’re going to follow up with this: “Write five Midjourney prompts for famous entrepreneurs in the style of Studio Ghibli.”

Cool, so this is actually better because the previous one gave it in the format of bullet points, which still works, but this is better formatting.

Let’s say we want to use one of these prompts, like this one for Richard Branson.

I’m going to copy this.

So now I have Midjourney pulled up here on Discord.

If you don’t know how to use Midjourney, we will leave some information down below.

Essentially, it’s a Discord group, and since I do have the paid version, I can talk directly with the Midjourney bot.

But if you don’t have the paid version, you’ll want to go to one of the general image generation folders and type in your prompts over there.

So in order to have Midjourney create an image, what we’re going to enter is a slash like this, and then “imagine.”

So basically, you can click on this, and then we’re going to enter in the prompt here.

So I’m going to paste what I copied earlier, and we’re going to click enter.

So I’m sending in that command, and it’s going to start creating an image based on this prompt.

This does take a little bit of time, but it’s going to start generating that, and let’s see what this looks like.

All right, so of these, I think this one looks the most realistic—that’s actually pretty funny.

So I’m going to click here, we’re going to go with V3.

It’s going to regenerate ones that look just like that, and then we’ll be able to get an ultra-high-definition version of it.

So as you can see, these look more like Richard Branson than the other ones.

It’s basically 1, 2, 3, 4, so just choose whichever one is the most accurate and correct, and it’s going to regenerate based on that one.

Let’s say for these, let’s choose one that I like—let’s go with this one.

Okay, so three again.

I’m going to click U3, and now it’s going to generate a high-definition image of that.

Now we can basically copy or save this image.

So bam, now essentially what you can do with this image is put it on a t-shirt, put it on a mug, put it on a notebook—whatever you want to put on for your profitable product ideas, and that’s basically where print on demand comes in.

We can also take one of these previous things that we created.

Let’s say we like this particular one: “We’ll trade equity for coffee,” and we can also put this on a t-shirt as well.

So once you have all your ideas for the products that you want to sell and the profitable product ideas, you’re going to need a print on demand service, and the one that I recommend is Printful.

It’s free, and it only takes a cut when you make a sale, so it’s really good for beginners.

Essentially, they’re going to take care of the fulfillment, the packing, as well as the shipping.

Essentially, all you’re going to want to do is come here to sign up.

You can sign up using Google, Apple, or Facebook, or just use your email, enter in this information, click “I agree to the terms of service and privacy policy,” and then click sign up.

Yeah, let’s take a look at their pricing, and as you can see, they have a free plan that comes with everything you need to start selling, and you’re only going to pay after an order is placed, so literally zero risk for you.

But they do have additional features that you can upgrade to when you need them.

Even on the free plan, they have a ton of free integrations, they allow you to ship globally, they have a design maker with built-in visuals and tools, they can even create mockups for your products, they have a logo maker, they have white label packing slips, 24/7 customer support, as well as a resource hub where you can learn a ton about print on demand.

Now recently, they just added their growth and business plans, which are discount membership programs that can grow your print on demand store faster and allow you to make more profit on your profitable product ideas.

Yeah, with Printful Growth, you can get product discounts of up to 30% and 7% off branding placements such as labels and sleeve prints.

The business plan gives even higher discounts and extra features like free digitization and higher sample order discounts.

So if any of you really want to seriously scale your print on demand store and sell more profitable product ideas, then I highly recommend upgrading to one of those plans.

However, like I mentioned earlier, if you’re just starting out, the free plan is more than good enough.

Designing Profitable Product Ideas

So now I’m going to show you how to design multiple products with your profitable product ideas.

I’m here in my dashboard of my account, I’m going to come here to product templates.

You can see here are some products that I’ve created already, and now we’re going to create more product templates with our profitable product ideas.

So I’ll click on that button.

What we can do is choose what type of thing we want to make.

So let’s just go with something like men’s clothing, let’s go with t-shirts, and let’s just go with one of their best sellers, which is this one right here, the men’s classic tee.

Here is going to be where we can design this actual shirt.

It’s very, very easy.

We can select the colors here, let’s go with black as well as navy.

Okay, so we have two different colors.

We’ll have all the different sizes that we offer, we’ll do DTG printing, so direct to garment printing.

We’ll come here to uploads and basically what we can do is we can upload that image that we had earlier for our profitable product ideas.

So this one, we’ll select this, we’ll select apply, and now we’ll be able to drag this and put it where we want.

So let’s just put that there. Of course, we can put text as well.

So let’s do something like this. You can drag this and change that very easily, you can change up the sizing as well.

Yeah, super, super easy. I recommend trying this, play with it. You can put this exact design on a bunch of other products as well, so you can see what those are going to look like right here.

And we’ll click “Save to Templates.”

For example, here’s a shirt that I’ve made previously. I created this mindset logo and I put it on a black shirt like this.

We can download different mockups, so you can click here, go to basic mockups or custom mockups. You can put it behind a scene like this.

But let’s go back here, let’s try basic mockups. We can see how the shirt looks on different people.

So if we click on, let’s say this one, we can have the men’s mockups. We can have flat lifestyle mockups as well. We can have spring summer vibes mockups.

And then we’ll click “Generate Mockups” and that’s going to create these in PNG or JPEG format. Then you can basically put all these onto your store.

And trust me, it saves so much time to not have to take these photos yourself. These mockups will save you so much time as well as money.

As you can see, they have so many different products that you can create your profitable product ideas on.

We have shorts, we have bikinis, we have notebooks that we can put our stuff onto, we have iPhone cases, we have pet beds, we have posters, we have mugs, we have t-shirts, we have coasters, we have windbreakers, pants – really whatever product you want to make, Printful can do that for you.

Finding Holes in the Market

So yeah, essentially you can see what we were able to do was use Chat GPT and Midjourney to create and brainstorm different product ideas as well as create text and images that we can put onto our products for profitable product ideas.

Basically, what I recommend doing is go to Etsy, search up a specific niche that you’re interested in, and then do some research on what products people are currently selling, as well as how you can make those products better.

That way, you can implement those improvements into your own store and create your own high-performing print on demand store with profitable product ideas that fill holes in the market.

For example, if you search “pickleball” on Etsy, you’ll find a mug on the first page. I think the quote on that mug is really good, but I don’t see people buying it because people don’t really bring mugs to a pickleball game.

If I were to create a store around pickleball, I would definitely explore putting this quote on something like a Hydro Flask or a bottle that’s meant for outdoors because that’s going to be a lot more relevant and something that people probably bring to their games.

I think there are so many other holes in the market that you can look to fill with your profitable product ideas. You just need to do some research, think about the competition and how you can make better products.

Then use the AI prompts that we talked about in this article, and that’s going to give you a huge head start in finding and creating winning profitable product ideas.

Again, I’ll leave the link to Printful down below, as well as all the AI tools we talked about, and I definitely recommend checking them out.

I also have a bunch of other articles on this channel talking about print on demand, for example, how to set up a store step-by-step, as well as the things that you need to know before starting your print on demand business.

But hopefully you got some value from this article on using AI to find and create top-selling, profitable product ideas for your print on demand business.

Thank you so much for your time, and I’ll see you in the next article!


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We strongly recommend that you check out our guide on how to take advantage of AI in today’s passive income economy.