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3 Proven Strategies to Make Money Online Using AI

3 Fastest Ways To Make Money Online Using AI ($150/Day) For Beginners

In today’s digital age, the question of how to make money online using AI has become increasingly prevalent. Many individuals are seeking the quickest ways to generate income, ranging from $100 to $500 by the end of the week. While there are no genuine get-rich-quick schemes, there are several side hustles that leverage the power of AI to help you make money online efficiently. In this article, we will explore three of the fastest ways to make money online using AI, even if you’re a beginner.

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Offering AI-Powered Services to Business Owners

One of the quickest ways to make money online using AI is by offering services to business owners who are in need of them. By understanding the steps involved in finding the right business owners and utilizing AI to complete the tasks, you can potentially earn well over $300 to $400 per week.

There are numerous services that business owners require on a daily basis, which you can fulfill using AI tools. These include email marketing, translating YouTube videos, creating short-form content from long-form videos, graphic design, and website building. Among these, website building stands out as a particularly lucrative opportunity.

Many local businesses operate without a website, despite the current digital landscape. Thanks to advanced AI bots and tools, you can now build a website in a matter of minutes. Your primary task is to identify local businesses that need websites and know which AI tools to use.

Finding Businesses in Need of Websites

To find businesses that may be operating without a website, you can utilize ChatGPT. Simply prompt the AI with a query like, “Give me 10 small business types that may be operating but also don’t have a website.” The AI will generate a list of potential business categories, such as food trucks, home cleaning services, personal trainers, tutoring services, and lawn care and landscaping.

For this example, let’s focus on lawn care and landscaping businesses. Head over to Google Maps and search for “landscaping in [your chosen city].” The results will display various landscaping businesses in the area. Look for the website icon to determine which businesses have a website and which ones don’t.

Collecting Business Information and Email Addresses

For businesses without a website, copy their name and search for them on Google. In many cases, you’ll find their Facebook profile. Click on the profile to assess if the company is still active and to find their email address.

Repeat this process to build a list of 20, 30, 50, or even 100 different emails for businesses lacking a website. Use tools like ChatGPT or Google Gemini to construct professional emails to send to these businesses.

Building Websites with AI and Charging for Your Services

Once you’ve made contact with the business owners, some of them will respond, and you can charge anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more for building their website. To create the website, use a tool like Hostinger.

Sign up for a Hostinger account using the link provided, and follow the steps to build your account. Once you reach the page that says, “Let AI create a website in minutes,” click on “Start Creating.” Fill out the details for the business you’re working with, such as the brand name, website type, and a short description.

Hostinger’s AI will generate a website for you. Send a screen recording of the website to the business owner for their review and feedback. Once they are satisfied, they will transfer the payment to you, and you can hand over the website to them.

By repeating this process, you can consistently make money online using AI by offering website building services to businesses in need.

Promoting Products on ClickBank with AI

Another way to make money online using AI is by promoting products on ClickBank. ClickBank is a marketplace where you can sign up and promote various products. However, it’s important to note that there may be a delay in receiving payouts when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase.

When promoting products on ClickBank, you have two options: the organic method or the paid method. Let’s explore examples of both.

Organic Method: Promoting ClickBank Products on Social Media

To demonstrate the organic method, let’s use the “Billionaire Brainwave” product from the Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs category on ClickBank as an example.

On Instagram, search for the product name, and you’ll find numerous reels and images uploaded by people promoting the product. These reels are simple and can be created using tools like Canva in a matter of seconds.

By clicking on the link in the bio of these Instagram profiles, you’ll be directed to the ClickBank affiliate page for the product. This confirms that the individuals are successfully promoting the product using the organic method.

To replicate this approach, create engaging reels related to the product and include your affiliate link in your Instagram bio. Keep in mind that the organic method requires patience and consistency to build traction and generate income.

For those seeking faster results, the paid method involves running YouTube ads for ClickBank products. To spy on winning ClickBank ads, you can use a software called Video Ad Vault.

Sign up for Video Ad Vault using the provided link, and once you’ve created your account, navigate to the search ads section. Copy the name of the ClickBank product you want to promote and paste it into Video Ad Vault’s search bar. Sort the video ad views from highest to lowest to see the ads people are currently running for that product.

The ads you’ll find are typically simple videos that you can generate using AI. While the examples shown demonstrate how the process works, it’s crucial to emphasize that you have the option to either run YouTube ads or upload short-form content to promote ClickBank offers.

Building an AI-Generated Dropshipping Store

The final option for making money online using AI quickly is by building an AI-generated dropshipping store. When it comes to dropshipping, three key factors contribute to success: choosing the best product to sell, knowing how to present that product to the right audience, and building your store efficiently.

AI can be integrated into various steps of the dropshipping process to speed things up. One notable example is using an AI bot to build your store in less than five minutes.

Accessing the AI Bot for Store Creation

To access the AI bot for creating your dropshipping store, click on the link provided. It will direct you to a page where you can click on “Build My Free Store.” Follow the steps and complete the necessary information to have a fully built and optimized dropshipping store ready in no time.

Once your store is set up, you’ll need to populate it with winning products. There are even AI-powered software solutions that simplify the process of copying and pasting products from your supplier’s website onto your store.

Utilizing AI for Customer Acquisition

When it comes to attracting customers to your dropshipping store, AI can play a significant role in the process. By leveraging AI-driven marketing strategies and tools, you can efficiently target the right audience and drive traffic to your store.


Make money online using AI is a viable option for beginners seeking to generate income quickly. By offering AI-powered services to business owners, promoting products on ClickBank, and building an AI-generated dropshipping store, you can tap into the potential of earning $150 or more per day.

The key to success when trying to make money online using AI is to find the right strategies and tools that work for you. Remember, while there are no true get-rich-quick schemes, these AI-driven side hustles provide a realistic opportunity to make money online using AI efficiently.

To further explore the world of making money online using AI, consider joining a free masterclass where you can gain in-depth insights and step-by-step guidance on leveraging AI for online income generation. Take action today and start your journey towards financial freedom in the digital age.


Q: Can I use AI to make money online?

A: Yes, you can leverage AI to make money online in various ways. AI tools and technologies can assist you in creating content, offering services, optimizing your online presence, and automating certain tasks. Some popular AI-driven methods to make money online include using AI writers for content creation, AI-powered chatbots for customer support, and AI algorithms for affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

Q: How can ChatGPT make me money?

A: ChatGPT, a powerful language model developed by OpenAI, can be utilized to generate content, such as articles, product descriptions, and social media posts. By using ChatGPT to create high-quality, engaging content, you can attract more visitors to your website or online store, increase your search engine rankings, and ultimately drive more sales. Additionally, you can use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for new products, services, or marketing strategies that can help you monetize your online presence.

Q: How to do affiliate marketing using AI?

A: AI can be integrated into various aspects of affiliate marketing to enhance your effectiveness and profitability. Some ways to use AI in affiliate marketing include:

  1. Content Creation: Use AI-powered tools like ChatGPT to generate persuasive product reviews, comparisons, and informative articles that promote your affiliate products.
  2. Keyword Research: Utilize AI-driven keyword research tools to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords to target in your affiliate content, improving your search engine rankings and driving more organic traffic.
  3. Personalized Recommendations: Implement AI algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences, allowing you to provide personalized product recommendations to your audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  4. Ad Optimization: Leverage AI-powered ad platforms to create, test, and optimize your affiliate ads, ensuring that your marketing messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Q: Can I use AI for investing?

A: Yes, AI can be applied to various aspects of investing, including market analysis, portfolio optimization, and trading automation. Some ways to use AI in investing include:

  1. Robo-advisors: These AI-powered platforms provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services, helping you create and manage investment portfolios based on your goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions.
  2. Predictive Analytics: AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of financial data, identifying patterns and trends that can help predict market movements and inform your investment decisions.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: AI tools can monitor news, social media, and other online sources to gauge market sentiment and investor opinions, providing valuable insights for making investment choices.
  4. Algorithmic Trading: AI-driven trading systems can execute trades automatically based on predefined rules and real-time market data, allowing for faster and more efficient trading decisions.

While AI can be a powerful tool for investing, it’s essential to remember that no investment strategy is foolproof, and risks are always involved. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research, understand the limitations of AI, and consult with financial professionals before making any significant investment decisions.

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