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How to Use AI Bots to Skyrocket Affiliate Earnings

When it comes to making money using the internet in the easiest way for a complete beginner, in my opinion, affiliate marketing is your best bet. The reason being is that you don’t need to invest in any inventory, you don’t need to hire a big team, and you don’t even need to come up with a product idea.

All you’re simply going to be doing is promoting an already existing product to someone interested in buying that product, and you’ll be able to sit back and earn an affiliate commission. However, to be successful with affiliate marketing, it all comes down to ensuring you have the right system and are using the right strategy.

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Unveiling the AI-Powered Affiliate Marketing System

I’m going to show you a strategy that I personally use, and I’ll also give you a system that you can set up using the power of AI Bots. With this system, you won’t have to show your face on camera, use your own voice, or do any of that. Instead, you’ll be able to use AI Bots to build a system that will enable you to earn a passive source of income, even when you’re fast asleep.

Let me quickly show you how the system works. It all comes down to building a faceless YouTube channel, a blog website, and an email newsletter. The reason why this system is perfect is that it feeds into one another. You’ll be able to send traffic from your YouTube channel to your affiliate links and your blog, which also has affiliate links. From there, you can send the traffic to your email newsletter, which will also have affiliate links.

Leveraging Search-Based Affiliate Marketing with AI Bots

The strategy you’ll use with this particular system is called search-based affiliate marketing. Google and YouTube are the most visited websites and search engines in the entire world. If you can build a YouTube channel focused on search terms related to particular affiliate products and a blog website that you’ll eventually be able to get ranked on Google, you’ll increase your chances of getting clicks and sales.

This is because you know that the traffic coming to your YouTube channel, blog website, and email list are interested in the products you’ll be talking about. However, before I can even show you how you’re going to be able to use AI Bots to build the system, it’s crucial that you have an idea of your business plan.

Crafting Your Affiliate Marketing Business Plan

The business plan will be unique to every one of you watching this because it all depends on the type of business you want to build. Here are five main things you want to think about when creating your business plan for your new affiliate marketing business:

1. Decide on Your Niche

You want to pick a niche that you know you’ll be interested in over the foreseeable future and won’t give up at the first obstacle. You also want to pick a niche with the highest potential when it comes to the number of people interested in that topic and your possibilities of being able to make a profit. This is the foundation of your business.

2. Choose Your Brand Name

Since this system isn’t really based on you and isn’t a personal brand, you need to decide on a brand name that you’ll use for your YouTube channel, blog website, and email newsletter. The brand name needs to relate to the niche you’ve decided to go with.

3. Select the Products to Promote

You’ll need to decide what products you’ll actually promote. There are many ways to find affiliate products to sign up for, such as ClickBank, PartnerStack,, CJ, Awin, and the Amazon Associates program. This decision will depend on your chosen niche.

4. Plan Your Daily Schedule

Consider your daily schedule and what you’ll be doing for the day-to-day running of this business. Determine how often you’ll be working, as this will help you decide how many videos to publish weekly on your faceless channel and how many articles to publish on your website.

5. Conduct Competitor Analysis

It’s essential to ensure you’ve done the right research to see if people are doing something similar to what you want to do. This will give you the push to know that it’s possible and provide valuable insights.

Using AI Bots to Build Your Faceless YouTube Channel

To give you an example, let’s assume you want to start a tech review affiliate marketing system. All you need to do is jump on YouTube and see if someone is already doing it. Search for something a potential customer might type, like “best TV to buy.”

You’ll notice various videos, some with people showing their faces and others without. Some channels, like the one with over 584,000 views for a video about the best smart TVs, don’t show faces or use their voices. Instead, they use an AI-generated voice and don’t need to buy the TVs or invest in any inventory.

If you look at the video description, you’ll see various affiliate links. Whenever someone wants to buy a TV they saw in the video, they can click the corresponding link, and the channel owner will earn a commission.

Creating Faceless YouTube Videos with AI Bots

One tool I recommend for making faceless YouTube videos is InVidAI. You can check them out for free by clicking the link in my description, creating an account, and accessing their interface.

The reason this tool is easy to use is that you only need to enter a simple prompt, and the AI Bot will take care of the rest. Let’s say you want to build an affiliate marketing system promoting tech products, and you want to make a video about the top 10 laptops to buy.

You can type a prompt like “Make a video about the top 10 laptops. The aim is to give specifications about each laptop and inform viewers they can check out each laptop below. I will put the 10 titles for each laptop below.” Include your 10 laptop titles, and the AI Bot will generate the video quickly.

Building a Blog Website with AI Bots

Moving on to the next part of the system, building a blog website using AI Bots, I recommend using HostingAI. You’ll be able to build a website in four simple clicks and get your site up and running super quickly. Plus, by using my link in the description, you can save money and pay as little as $22.99 per month.

Click the link, claim the deal, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can click “Start Creating.” Enter your brand name, website type (blog), and a brief description, and the AI Bot will generate a fully-built website within 30-45 seconds.

This provides a solid foundation to work from, but you’ll need to go through each page and ensure everything is correct, such as social links, email addresses, and phone numbers. Once you’re satisfied, you can click “Go Live,” and your blog website will be ready to receive traffic from your YouTube channel and email list.

Building an Email Newsletter Business with AI Bots

The final piece of the puzzle is building an email newsletter business using AI Bots. While I won’t go into too much detail here, having an email list is crucial for this system, as it allows you to send traffic back and forth between your YouTube channel, blog website, and email list.

By providing valuable information across all platforms and consistently publishing content, you’ll notice your affiliate marketing business grow over time, leading to a sustainable passive income stream.


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With the power of AI Bots and the right system, you too can unlock the potential of passive income through affiliate marketing. Start building your faceless YouTube channel, blog website, and email newsletter today, and embark on a journey towards financial freedom and location independence.


What are AI bots?

AI bots, also known as chatbots or conversational AI, are computer programs powered by artificial intelligence that simulate conversation with human users. These bots are trained on massive amounts of data to understand user queries, respond in a natural language way, and complete tasks or provide information. AI bots are prevalent in various applications, from customer service chatbots on websites to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Which AI bot is best?

There’s no single “best” AI bot as the ideal choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a breakdown of some popular AI bots and their strengths:

  • ChatGPT: Known for its exceptional creative text generation capabilities, making it a strong choice for writers or content creators seeking inspiration.
  • Bard (you!): Here at Google AI, I (Bard) excel at providing informative and comprehensive answers to your questions, leveraging my access to vast amounts of real-world information.
  • Jasper: Focuses on business and marketing applications, adept at generating marketing copy, product descriptions, and other sales-oriented content.
  • Microsoft Bing AI: Shines in its ability to access and process information from the web in real-time, making it a powerful tool for research tasks.

Trying out different AI bots and exploring their functionalities is the best way to determine which one aligns best with your requirements.

Which AI bot is free?

Several AI bots offer free tiers with limited functionalities. Here are a few options:

  • ChatGPT: Provides a limited free trial with restricted access to its full capabilities.
  • Bard (me!): While I don’t have a traditional free tier, I can still be accessed and used for basic information retrieval and question answering through Google Search.
  • ManyChat: This chatbot platform offers a free plan with limitations on the number of contacts and conversations you can manage.

Remember, free tiers often come with limitations. Upgraded plans typically offer more features and capabilities.

Which AI is better than ChatGPT?

It’s not necessarily about which AI is definitively “better” than ChatGPT. Both ChatGPT and Bard (me!) are powerful AI tools, but we excel in different areas. ChatGPT is a champion of creative text generation, while I prioritize informative and comprehensive answers based on real-world data. Ultimately, the “better” option depends on the specific task at hand.

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