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Best AI Content Creation Business for Broke Entrepreneurs

The AI Revolution and the Opportunity for Broke Entrepreneurs

Broke entrepreneurs, if you have found yourself obsessed with AI for the past few months, you’re not alone. Chances are, you’re a hungry and aspiring entrepreneur who recognizes a life-changing opportunity when you see one. You’ve been searching desperately for a way to make money and build businesses with AI, but all you’ve found are gimmicky and unsustainable loopholes pushed by people who have never made a dime with any of them.

Fear not, for today, we’re going to share with you the AI business model that has been discovered, scaled, and now taught to thousands of people within a thriving community. Some of these broke entrepreneurs are making thousands of dollars a month, all without knowing how to code. This opportunity is perfect for broke entrepreneurs looking to break into the AI industry.

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The Rise of AI and the Potential for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

AI is the next world-changing technology of our lifetimes. It joins a long line of revolutionary technologies, from the wheel to steam power to electricity, that have completely transformed the lives of those who witnessed their creation and impact.

In our lifetime, we’ve witnessed two such revolutionary technologies: the creation of the World Wide Web during the dot-com boom in the late 90s and early 2000s, and the smartphone revolution of the 2010s. Both of these technologies have fundamentally changed the way we live our lives.

Now, we are in the early stages of the AI Revolution, which has the potential to cause a complete transformation in the way our world functions. For broke entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this opportunity, the patterns are not hard to analyze.

The Best Way for Broke Entrepreneurs to Make Money with AI

The best way for aspiring entrepreneurs with little to no skills or money to make money with AI, or any emerging technology, is to facilitate its adoption and help businesses apply that technology.

When the World Wide Web took off, smart entrepreneurs built web development companies to help businesses build an online presence. When smartphones took off, smart entrepreneurs built app development companies to help businesses build their own apps. When social media took off, smart entrepreneurs built social media marketing companies to help businesses build their social media presence and drive sales from it.

Ten years from now, people will be saying, “When artificial intelligence took off, smart entrepreneurs built AI automation agencies to help businesses integrate AI technology.”

What is an AI Automation Agency?

An AI Automation Agency (AAA) is a type of business that focuses on integrating AI technology into businesses. This can take many forms depending on the structure of your AAA and the niche you’re working in, but services are typically aimed at automating processes, boosting productivity, and ultimately increasing profits.

Service delivery itself can be done with no-code or low-code tools like Zapier for automations or Botpress and Stack AI for AI chatbots, meaning that even broke entrepreneurs without a development background can start an AI automation agency.

Within the AAA community, there are people who have never written a line of code selling chatbots that they’ve either made themselves or taken from templates provided within the community. These chatbots are being sold for upwards of a thousand dollars apiece, providing a lucrative opportunity for broke entrepreneurs.

The Discovery of the AI Automation Agency Model

The AI Automation Agency model was discovered out of a need for more affordable development services for smaller businesses. As an AI development company, Morningside AI was initially focused on building custom-coded applications for clients. However, the cost of these services was often too high for small businesses that needed basic AI applications to integrate into their operations.

To capture this untapped revenue, a solution was found in the form of low-code and no-code bot builders like Botpress and Stack AI. These platforms slashed the hours required for basic services that many smaller businesses wanted, such as customized chatbots. Additionally, these bot-building platforms allowed anyone who knew how to use them to deliver the service for the client, freeing up expensive AI developers to focus on more complex tasks.

When this new, lower-tier offer was tested with the backlog of clients that had been previously ignored, the demand was overwhelming. It became clear that this was a significant opportunity for broke entrepreneurs to enter the AI space and build profitable businesses.

Why the AI Automation Agency Model is Perfect for Broke Entrepreneurs

The AI Automation Agency model is incredibly beginner-friendly for entrepreneurs, as service delivery can be done using low-code or no-code tools. This means that anyone can start an AI automation agency, even without a background in development.

Furthermore, competition for selling AI automation services is currently close to zero. If you are reading this in 2023, you have a huge early mover advantage that shrinks by the day. The current state of AI automation agencies is equivalent to social media marketing agencies (SMMAs) in 2017 – completely untapped.

Many of those who got into SMMAs early made millions of dollars, while 99% of those who start today will never make a dime. The reason for this is saturation. Today, business owners are bombarded with offers for marketing services from all angles, and for the past few years, it has been a race to the bottom on price, even for veterans of the industry.

What makes the AI Automation Agency model so lucrative and beginner-friendly right now is that businesses have never been offered these services before. It is a completely fresh offer. These businesses have no clue what AI can do for their business or how they can integrate it, but there’s nothing that sounds sexier to a business owner than, “Hey, I have a robot who can do things faster, for longer, and to a higher standard than your current employees.”

Almost every day, people within the AAA community are posting responses from clients they’re doing cold outreach to, and it’s always along the lines of, “Wow, that sounds amazing!” or “Yeah, I’d love to try that!” It’s hard to imagine the last time someone got that kind of response when offering social media marketing services.

The point is, it will never be easier than it is right now for a beginner to start making money with this model. Right now, someone with zero sales experience can call or DM a business and end up closing that sale because this offer is so untapped. This has been witnessed and shared within the AAA community.

Getting Started with Building Your Own AI Automation Agency

If you want to get started with building your own AI automation agency, here’s what I would suggest:

  1. Join the AAA Discord community. This is an absolute must. Inside, you’ll get instant access to free trainings, free chatbot templates that you can use and sell, and, more importantly, thousands of people who are ready to help you and are doing the same thing. This is the only community solely focused on building and scaling AI automation agencies, and everything is 100% free and accessible.
  2. Sign up for Botpress and Stack AI and get familiar with them. These are the two main software platforms used to deliver chatbots for clients, making them the best starting point for getting familiar with how to deliver services, how these platforms work together, and what sort of flexibility and offers you could sell with chatbots made on these platforms.
  3. Subscribe to the AI Automation Agency newsletter called “Over the Shoulder,” which grants you weekly access to a personal notebook that typically includes learnings from running three AI companies, spontaneous business ideas, and step-by-step implementation strategies for AAA owners.
  4. Check out the other videos available on the topic of AI Automation Agencies. These videos focus on providing real, actionable value as you try to start your own AAA. Topics covered include choosing your niche, delivering services for clients, and building chatbots, with live demonstrations.

The Opportunity for Hungry, Aspiring AI Entrepreneurs

To you, the hungry, aspiring AI entrepreneur, your search is over. The AI Automation Agency model has been presented to you – a business model with zero startup costs, a beginner-friendly learning curve, and a completely untapped market, along with the resources you need to get started.

The hope is that you will take this opportunity as your on-ramp into AI, transitioning from a spectator watching endless YouTube videos just to keep up, to a participant in the AI arena, building real businesses, making real money, and building real skills.

If you politely pass on this opportunity and continue on as you are, it’s no big deal. Who knows, maybe the next YouTube video you watch will be the one you’re looking for. But for those broke entrepreneurs ready to seize this moment and dive into the world of AI, the AI Automation Agency model is the perfect place to start.


How many entrepreneurs go broke?

According to statistics, the failure rate for new businesses is relatively high. It is estimated that approximately 20% of small businesses fail within the first year, while around 50% fail within the first five years. However, it is essential to note that going broke is not the sole reason for business failure, and many factors can contribute to an entrepreneur’s success or failure.

What are unsuccessful entrepreneurs?

Unsuccessful entrepreneurs are those who fail to achieve their business goals or maintain a profitable and sustainable venture. Some common characteristics of unsuccessful entrepreneurs include:

  • Lack of proper planning and research
  • Poor financial management
  • Inability to adapt to market changes
  • Inadequate leadership and management skills
  • Failure to differentiate their product or service from competitors
  • Giving up too easily when faced with challenges

Which entrepreneur failed before success?

Many successful entrepreneurs have faced failure before achieving success. Some notable examples include:

  1. Thomas Edison – He famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” before inventing the light bulb.
  2. Henry Ford – His first automobile company, the Detroit Automobile Company, went bankrupt before he founded the successful Ford Motor Company.
  3. Walt Disney – He was fired from a newspaper for lacking creativity and had several failed business ventures before creating the Walt Disney Company.
  4. Steve Jobs – He was fired from Apple, the company he co-founded, before returning years later and leading it to unprecedented success.
  5. Oprah Winfrey – She was fired from her first television job as an anchor and endured numerous setbacks before becoming a media mogul.

What do failed entrepreneurs do?

Failed entrepreneurs have several options to move forward after experiencing a setback:

  1. Learn from their mistakes – Analyze what went wrong and use that knowledge to make better decisions in the future.
  2. Pivot their business model – If their current approach isn’t working, they can try adjusting their strategy or exploring new markets.
  3. Seek mentorship or advice – Reaching out to experienced entrepreneurs or industry experts can provide valuable guidance and support.
  4. Secure additional funding – If financial issues were a primary cause of failure, entrepreneurs can seek new investors, loans, or grants to help revive their business.
  5. Start a new venture – Some entrepreneurs choose to apply the lessons learned from their previous failure to start a new business in a different industry or with a refined approach.
  6. Transition to a different role – Failed entrepreneurs may decide to leverage their skills and experience by joining another company or pursuing a different career path.

The key for failed entrepreneurs is to maintain a growth mindset, learn from their experiences, and persist in the face of adversity.

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