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How to Make $2,102 Daily with Print on Demand T-Shirts

The Ultimate Guide to Earning $2,102 Per Day with Print on Demand T-Shirts

All right guys, so after doing hours of research on Print on Demand T-Shirts, I ended up discovering one of the best strategies people are using to make profit in this space. Now, most people know how to set up a print on demand t-shirt design, but the biggest issue they have is learning how to attract customers and make sales online.

So today, not only am I going to show you guys a simple strategy to set up your first print on demand t-shirt online, but I’m also going to show you how to start attracting customers using a brand new website that’s going to start selling your print on demand t-shirts for you.

So even if you don’t have any prior experience, any special equipment, or even any social media followers, all you have to do is follow along because I’m going to show you how everything works step by step, and get you started selling print on demand t-shirts with ease!

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Step 1: Identify Hot-Selling Print on Demand T-Shirts

So, to get started, guys, you already know the best way to start making money is by actually doing your research and seeing exactly what’s hot, what people are spending their money on, and what they’re actually shopping for online.

For this step, you’re going to go to Google and search for a website called ER, click on the first website that pops up, and check this out – what this website’s basically going to do is show us the products that people are currently buying on Etsy, what’s selling hot, what products are currently trending up.

And the cool part about this website is you can actually create a free account.

So go over to ER, create a free account at the very top, and check it out, guys – once you’re inside your account, you’re going to see all the features you can use to find Hot Products online.

For example, if you just click on the hot button right here, you’re going to see the things that people are currently searching for – wall art, earrings, mom gift, which would make sense right since this month is going to be Mother’s Day and there’s probably people looking for gifts for their mom.

So you guys are going to see different features like this to help you find Hot Products online.
Now today, guys, we’re going to start with a beginner-friendly product – something you can easily start making sales off.

For this, at the very top, all you want to do is type in “mug,” click on search, and so the product we’re going to start making money from, guys, are going to be coffee mugs.

The Power of Print on Demand T-Shirts

These are very simple products that people are always buying as a gift, people want to buy for their own coffee, and obviously, they’re always a popular item.

Now check this out – once you type in “mug” at the very top, then scroll down, this website’s going to show you all the types of mugs that people are actually searching for – boob mug (that one’s kind of funny), programmer mug, blueprint mug, firefighter mug (that one sounds pretty cool, right there).

Don’t worry, guys, later on, I’m going to show you how to make money from other products, but for now, let me show you exactly how the strategy Works using a simple example.

All you want to do is go through this list and pick a type of product you want to start selling.

Another good one is “golf mug,” let’s see “Bitcoin mug” (that one’s probably pretty popular), but the one I’m going to go with is “Bulldog mug,” and like I mentioned to you guys before, I absolutely love my Bulldogs – I’m overall a dog person, so this would be a cool idea for me to get started with.

So I’m going to go with “bulldog mug” – basically a dog mug, right?

Once you find a product you want to start selling, go to step number two.

Step 2: Research Top-Selling Print on Demand T-Shirt Designs on Etsy

All right, guys, for this step, you’re going to do a little more research using

Now don’t worry, guys, we’re not going to sell on Etsy – I’m going to show you guys a brand new platform you can start making money from.

And real quick, guys, print on demand is a legit side hustle – it’s a legit way to start making hundreds, and some people are even making thousands online, right?

But if you’re not into print on demand or maybe you want to try something different, click that first link inside my comments, and I’m going to send you guys My overall number one recommended strategy to make a full-time income online.

This is exactly what I did myself to quit a 60-hour-a-week warehouse job, and I’m also going to send you guys a free e-guide.

So if you guys want more information, if you guys want a step-by-step guide to see exactly how everything works, make sure you click the first link below after this article.

If you guys feel like print on demand isn’t for you, maybe you’re not really into a strategy like this, I’m going to leave all that info down below, so make sure you guys check it out.

But for now, once you’re on Etsy, all you guys have to do next is Type in the product you want to start making money off.
So I ended up going with “bulldog mug,” right?

All I’m going to do is copy it, paste it in inside of here, click on search, then after that, you guys want to click on “relevant” and click on “top reviews.”

So what’s going to happen after that, guys, is Etsy is going to show you all the top-rated coffee mugs – these are the ones that have the best reviews, the ones that customers absolutely love.

So you guys can start getting ideas and create a design that people are actually buying.

Let’s see, this one looks really cool right here, let me keep scrolling down, this one is pretty funny, and this one looks pretty easy to make.

I might end up going with this design right here.

Let’s see if I find something else – check out this one, Guys, these are always hot right here: “Frenchy dad” or “Frenchy Mom” – right, I actually already have a similar one about myself, so I’m going to end up going with this design right here, “Frenchy dad.”

So for this step, guys, you’re going through the designs you find and finding the one for inspiration, one that you can create your own design of so you can sell a similar hot mug and make your first sale online.

After that, go to step number three.

Step 3: Use AI to Create Your Print on Demand T-Shirt Design

For this next step, guys, we’re going to use an AI website to help you create your design.

The name of this website is called, and it’s basically a free graphic design website that uses AI to create art that’s never been online.

So go over to this website,, and create a free account.

And once you’re inside, inside of this box, you’re going to type in exactly what you wanted to create.

So I basically wanted to create a bulldog image, maybe a cartoon one or a black and white one, just like these or like you guys seen – this one’s very popular, right?

So I’m going to create a similar one to this one.

All right, guys, so I ended up typing in “cute black and white Frenchie Bulldog sticker with no background,” so it ended up giving me these designs right here.

But I didn’t really want the sticker type, right?

So all I did is go back, ask it to remove the sticker, make it black and white, and you guys are going to see images like this pop up.

So you guys can go with something like this, a cool cartoon one, one that’s kind of funny.

And the cool part about this website is it’s going to give you several different variables.

So you guys can see this one, the next one, the next one after that.

The best one does look like it’s going to be this one right here, so I’m going to go with this one.

Step 4: Finalize Your Print on Demand T-Shirt Design with Canva

So once you guys create an image you like, just click on the three little dots and click on download. And finally, for the last step, guys, we’re going to finish our design using

Check this out, guys – once you create a free account, type in “mug” at the very top, you’re going to see all of these free templates pop up.

Now if you guys see something inside of here you can use one that fits your design, go ahead and click on it. But if not, just click on the “create blank” at the very top – you’re going to see the editor pop up.

And check it out, guys, inside of here, you can upload the image that you just downloaded. So you guys can see the little Frenchie right here.

And all I’m going to do next is add some cool text, just like the one we found on – so “Frenchy dad,” “Frenchy mom,” maybe “Frenchy Aunt” – some people are pretty crazy about their dogs, so next, I’m going to click on text right here.

And check out all the fonts you can use to create your own custom mug! The one I’m going to use is this cool CC one.

And I ended up finding another cool text for “mom,” so check out my design, guys – “Frenchy mom,” similar to the one we found on Etsy, just giving it a different touch.

Now if it doesn’t sell, guys, or maybe it’s not getting attention, you guys can come back and pick a completely different font.
But once you’re done, all you guys have to do is click on “share” at the very top, click on “download,” and download as a standard PNG.

Step 5: Sell Your Print on Demand T-Shirts Online

All right, guys, for the next step, it’s time to post and start selling your mug online. You can use to set up your own shop and start making sales – all you would do is go to Printful, post your mug in there, and connect your Printful account to your Etsy shop.

Or another platform you can use that’s going to do all the work for you is called Red Bubble. This platform is similar to Etsy, but at the same time, it’s a print on demand shop.

So check this out – let’s say I click on “t-shirts” right, I can scroll down and actually buy a t-shirt on this website. But not only that, if I click on “sell your art” at the very top, then scroll down, check this out, guys – you can start uploading your own designs.

And whenever somebody buys it from your Red Bubble shop, this website’s going to do all the processing, all the product shipping – it to your customer, and once your customer gets the product, you’re getting paid for it.

So again, guys, you can use websites like, or if you want a simpler option, go to this website called Red Bubble and create a free account at the very top.

And all right, guys, once you’re inside your account, just click on your profile at the very top, click on “sell your art,” then after that, click on “add new work,” and you’re going to upload the image that you just created on Canva.

So go ahead and upload it on here.

From Design to Dollars with Print on Demand T-Shirts

So once you guys see it pop up, all you have to do is two last things. Number one, pick exactly what you want to start selling your product on, and obviously, we’re going to go with “coffee mug,” right?

And number two, give your product some details or give your art some details. For example, what it’s about – the type of tags that people would be interested in: dogs, pets, animals. And at the very bottom, all you want to do is give it a quick description, so go ahead and fill this out.

Once you’re done, just scroll down to the bottom, and obviously, you guys want to click on the coffee mug. So click on “edit,” and if you do have to change the image, move it around a little bit, change the background, you’re going to have all those options inside of here.

Now usually, guys, it does set it up pretty nicely for you, so you can just leave it alone, click on “apply changes.”

And finally, guys, at the very bottom, just click on “no” for mature content, click on “I agree,” and click on “Save work.” And check it out, guys, it is going to take a second to process, start adding onto all your products.

But once it does, you’re going to see your website and your product page pop up, so people can actually buy this cell phone case or a coffee mug straight from your Red Bubble shop.

And they’re going to see the price right here – all they would do is Select their phone, click on “add to cart,” fill out the rest of the info so they can actually buy your product.

And check it out, guys, once they do, Red Bubble’s going to do the rest of the work – actually print it out, ship it out to your customer.

So I hope you guys can see exactly what’s going on here – this is one of the easiest ways to start print on demand by doing everything on one single website.

Now next, guys, you’re actually going to copy the link to your product so you can start posting it online and start making your first sale.

But first, guys, we got to find a way to actually Market your product, right? So next, I’m going to show you guys how to use a website just like this where real-life people are actually going to be wearing your product, using your product in real life, so you can actually post these videos to start attracting customers.

Bonus Tip: Create Mockup Videos to Market Your Print on Demand T-Shirts

Now, before I show you how to use this website, if you’re still reading this article and you’re enjoying the content.

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So I’m going to post all this info down below – make sure you guys subscribe if you want to continue to learn more strategies to make money from home.

All right, guys, so for this next step, the website you’re going to use to help sell your product is called

Check this out, guys, this is basically a mockup website where it’s going to create mockups around your product, give you an idea of what it’s going to look like, the product people are actually going to buy.

So this can help you see what you create before you actually sell it. It can even help you create a better design by showing you what it’s going to look like.

And check it out, if I scroll down to the bottom, you’re going to see that it’s only $10 a month, so you can create as many product mockups as you want to continue to make more content.

But for now, guys, to get started, all you want to do is create a free account. So go ahead and sign up.

And once you’re inside your account, guys, at the very top, just click on the search bar, type in “mug video,” and click on search.

And check this out, guys, you’re going to see real-life videos pop up that you can actually Place Your Design on.
So I’m going to click on this one, for example, then just click on “insert image.” And check it out, guys, you’re going to see your design added to the product.

And it’s pretty cool cuz it’s a real-life video, something that people can actually watch. And I will be honest, guys, it isn’t the most “wow” or the most attractive video, right? But it’s going to be an easy way to get started and see if people are actually interested in a product or not.

Step 6: Market Your Print on Demand T-Shirts on Pinterest

Then after that, you can actually order it and buy it from your shop so you can start creating more exclusive content and create content with many different products.

So just come over to this website called, create a mockup of your product, and there will be more videos and content you guys can go through to create a completely brand new design.

Go ahead and pick one, Create Your Design, and finally, click on download at the very top, and you guys will see this free option at the very bottom. So just click right here.

And for the last step, you’re going to post your video on a brand new page so you can start growing online and use it to attract customers to your brand new website.

So next, you’re going to go to, and depending on what your product was about (mine was around pets and dogs, right? Maybe yours is around Bitcoin or basketball), set up a page around your category.

And once you’re inside, just click on “Pinterest” at the very top, click on “create pin.”

And inside of here, upload the brand new video you just created. So again, guys, you’re not actually showing your face on camera, creating a product at your house – all this is going to be done for you.

All you guys have to do is use your resources to put everything together, start posting online, and grow a brand new page from scratch.

Once you upload your video next, add a title, add a description, add your website (watch for this, you’re going back to, clicking on your coffee mug or your product, copy the link at the very top, and paste it inside of this box).

After that, guys, add some tags at the very bottom, create a board around your products and your post, and finally, click on “publish” at the very top.

So check it out, guys, inside the title, all you’re doing is describing the video, what your video is about – a cute coffee mug for Frenchy moms.

Then inside your description, you’re letting people know what this is about. So “Mother’s Day is around the corner, right? This is the perfect gift for any dog mom or fur moms that love Frenchies.”

So use your description to give people more details about the product. And again, guys, paste the link to your website so people can actually buy it from your shop.

And finally, at the very bottom, add some hashtags: #frenchbulldog #puppies #bulldogs #pets. Once you start typing tags inside of here, you’re going to see different options pop up.

So all you guys want to do for this is ADD between four to six hashtags. And once you’re done, click on “publish.”

And that’s basically it, guys – you’re going to see your post pop up, and you guys can see how many views you’re getting, how many people have actually clicked on your website, and you’ll see your website at the very top.

Now don’t worry, you’re not going to see all those weird letters and numbers – they’re going to automatically clean up your link. So whenever people click on it, they’re going straight to your brand new product where all they have to do is click on “add to cart” to buy, and you just made your first sale online!

Consistency is Key for Print on Demand T-Shirt Success

So you guys want to start growing your own page to sell print on demand t-shirts, use these videos to build your online presence. You can see from some of my prior posts – 13 Impressions, 9 Impressions, 2 clicks – that people are actually going to start seeing your videos and clicking through to your website featuring your print on demand t-shirt designs.

But I will be honest with you, guys, it does take time and work to start building a page online to sell print on demand t-shirts. But once you’re able to grow, you’re going to start getting thousands of viewers every single month and hundreds of clicks to your print on demand t-shirt offerings.

So check it out, guys. Just posting one or two videos isn’t really going to make you money selling print on demand t-shirts, right? You want to stay consistent and actually build a brand online because once you’re able to build a legit brand and people are able to trust it, that’s when you’re going to start making daily sales for your print on demand t-shirts.

And real quick, guys, check it out – if we go back to, click on search at the very top, you’re going to see all of these different video mockups pop up for a variety of products, not just coffee mugs.

So it doesn’t have to be a coffee mug – you guys can start with a print on demand t-shirt or any product you find inside of this website called They have a huge selection – bags, labels, coffee mugs, even face masks (though those might not be as popular anymore). You’re going to see so many different products you guys can get started with to build your own brand and make your first sale online selling print on demand t-shirts or other products.

And alright, guys, you’re all set – you now have all the information you need to start building your own print on demand t-shirt shop and potentially expand into other product categories!


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about starting a print-on-demand t-shirt business:

What do I need to know about print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a fulfillment method where you don’t hold any physical inventory. You design the t-shirt, and the POD service provider prints and ships the shirt directly to the customer after they order it. This eliminates the upfront costs of buying t-shirts in bulk and the hassle of managing your own inventory and fulfillment.

Here are some key things to know about POD:

  • Costs: POD services typically charge a per-item printing fee. This fee varies depending on the service provider, the type of t-shirt, and the number of colors in your design. There are usually no monthly fees involved.
  • Design Ownership: You retain full ownership of your designs when using a POD service.
  • Profit Margins: Your profit margin is the difference between the selling price of your t-shirt and the printing fee charged by the POD service.
  • Marketing: You are responsible for marketing your t-shirts and driving traffic to your online store.

How many t-shirt designs should I start with print-on-demand?

There’s no magic number when it comes to how many designs to start with. You can begin with a few strong designs to test the market and see what resonates with your target audience. As you gain experience and data, you can expand your collection and explore new design ideas.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Quality over quantity: Focus on creating high-quality designs that you’re proud of.
  • Variety: Offer a variety of designs to cater to different tastes and styles.
  • Targeted designs: Consider creating designs that target specific niches or interests.

Is print-on-demand t-shirt business profitable?

The profitability of a print-on-demand t-shirt business depends on several factors, including:

  • Product pricing: Setting a competitive price point that allows for a healthy profit margin.
  • Marketing efforts: Effectively driving traffic to your online store.
  • Design popularity: Creating designs that people want to buy.
  • POD service fees: Choosing a POD service with reasonable printing fees.

How long does it take to print on Tshirt?

The printing time for a POD t-shirt can vary depending on the service provider and the complexity of the design. However, it typically takes 1-3 business days for the shirt to be printed. Shipping time will then be added on top of that, depending on the customer’s location.

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