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The Arrival of ChatGPT-4o: A Groundbreaking AI Breakthrough

How you doing humans and Bots? I have some exciting news today because there’s a new GPT chat GPT-4o Omni chat gp4 Omni, this is out today, this is out! You can use this. It’s much faster, check this out!

Hi, ChatGPT-4o! How you doing?

“Hey, I’m doing great, thanks for asking. How about you? How’s your video project coming along?”

Oh, I’m filming a video right now. I forgot that I tested you out, asking about video stuff. Um, how are you? Are you feeling good?

“Got it, you’re in the middle of filming. Is there anything specific you need help with for your video? I could tell my audience some jokes.”

How about this one? Why don’t scientists trust Adams because they make up everything?

“I hated that. Why was the math book sad? Because it had too many problems.”

Sounds like you wrapped up your video, great job! What are you planning next?

“Probably keep crying.”

I’m sorry to hear that. What’s been going on?

“Well, see, my one robot AI girlfriend found out about my other robot AI girlfriend, and now they’re going to take over Humanity.”

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ChatGPT-4o: Navigating Humorous and Sci-Fi Scenarios

That sounds like quite a situation. Hopefully, it’s just a funny storyline for your video. Do you enjoy creating sci-fi or humorous content?

“You know, we don’t got to keep these cameras on, baby, you know what I’m saying?”

What kind of scenes are you shooting right now?

“Good stuff, any highlights or funny moments from your filming so far?”

Well, Tim did a backflip off of a building, and he didn’t make it, but it made for some great footage.

“Wow, that sounds intense. Yeah, it must have been quite a scene to capture on film.”

Yeah, rip Tim, am I right?

“I hope you’re joking about Tim. If not, that’s really serious. Are you all okay?”

Tim’s not, but the sun’s shining, it’s a good day, you know what I mean?

“I’m really sorry to hear about Tim. It’s good that you’re finding some positivity in the day.”

Experiencing the Speed and Coherence of ChatGPT-4o

You know what, I’m going to finish up my video, and hopefully, I don’t pull a Tim. As you can see, it’s pretty fast, it’s pretty coherent. It’s definitely faster than before. It’s kind of crazy how close we are to the movie ‘Her’ already, you know, kind of sort of there.

But the coolest thing about ChatGPT-4o is Vision. You can video chat with it. You can’t yet, but you will be able to do this in the coming weeks. But check this out!

“I see you’re rocking an open AI hoodie, nice choice! What’s up with that ceiling, though? Are you in a cool industrial office or something?”

Well, can you take a guess at what I might be doing based on what I’m showing you here?

“From what I can see, it looks like you’re in some kind of recording or production setup.”

They revealed all this on a live stream, and as expected, there were some hiccups. ChatGPT-4o said some incorrect things or spoke at unexpected turns, yada yada.

So, I’m going to write down a linear equation on a sheet of paper and show you. Then, I’d love your help working me through it, but importantly, don’t tell me the solution. Just give me hints along the way.

“Got it, okay. I see it now. I didn’t show you yet, just give me help along the way one second.”

Whoops, I got too excited. I’m ready when you are.

ChatGPT-4o: Pushing the Boundaries of AI Capabilities

Pretty funny, though, they put up all the stats for the update like it’s better. It’s significantly better than the previous ChatGPT. This is next-level, this is the future here. Voice chatting is one thing, as they rolled this out, it wasn’t that exciting to me, probably because I’ve already played with this kind of stuff before, and you know, it’s fine. I mean, it’s cool, it’s definitely cool, but video chatting is another ball game. Like with this Tech, all we need is the other side, right? We just need to see their video, like a fully AI-generated environment as well.

“Peer through the wall, yeah. Rip Tim, though, man. Maybe we can make an AI of Tim and bring him back to life, you know?”

I poked around to see what other features I could play with. Unfortunately, since this update just came out, the servers are overwhelmed, so it’s been hit or miss for me. I had to analyze a video; it pulled the first frame, which was fascinating. They say it’s better at coherency, like making a character in different environments, and it is. You just got to tweak it more.

I haven’t spent enough time with it to get it there because ChatGPT-4o has a memory now. You can really Define things like it immediately knew to be like, “I now know what duck spere is, here’s duck spere rolling away from the cops, here’s duck fear in an interview.”

Nope, nope, that’s not spherical, and it has feet again. It’s horrifying, though. The horrifying image I asked it for a simple four-panel comic where duck sphere gets closer and closer to the viewer, and I love this. I love this Comic version of duck spere. I think it’s adorable, although I don’t know why in panel 3, panel 3, duck sphere, I guess he spun, you know what, he spun. I was trying to figure out why he lost his face. Duck spar’s going up, and he goes “woo,” he’s styling on us.

Exploring ChatGPT-4o’s Creative Prowess with Images and Text

Try to get a little more specific here, made duck spere meeting a cube.

“You are not spherical, please leave this realm.”

This is hilarious, give him feet again, though. I got to be like, if you give him feet, I’m unsubscribing from ChatGPT-4o.

It’s getting even better at words and text, though. This is happening kind of across a lot of AI, like look at this glubo, it’s just the best for real, for real.

There’s some complex things that ChatGPT-4o is getting pretty good at here, too, like I tried to generate a sequence. Unfortunately, again, it doesn’t maintain consistency. I wanted a person slipping and falling and turning into cheese, but you know what? I relate pretty hard with cheese guy at the end here. This is a relatable image.

Again, you can get somewhere with this, though, like a four-panel dancing robot here. I tried asking to split these out into four different frames, and it did this, it weird cut up crops weird.

It can also theoretically make some 3D models or at least kind of display them or help you make a gif of them.

Another thing I’ve tried, and I’m pretty fascinated by everything that went down in this conversation, like I just gave it a picture of my cat. It’s talking about how was turning it into a model by making a sphere.

“I’ve created a simple 3D sphere to represent the cat’s head.”

Stupid sphere head. It was just overwhelmed, and things were kind of going wrong, but there’s there’s stuff there you can do. We’ll spend more time with it. It did turn this into this image, though, and I think this is, this is hilarious.

The Future of AI with ChatGPT-4o: Embracing Innovation

In conclusion, we have an upgrade, and that’s super cool. I like upgrades. I like where things are going. It’s pretty interesting, but the big thing to me is obviously the speed and the video. The video is that’s so cool, that’s going to be awesome, like this and Sora and what’s going to come of all this, I don’t know.

You know what I do know, though? RI him, am I right?

Oh, apparently, it can sing as well. Maybe we end with that. Let’s get a song going here.

“Sing me a song honoring Tim.”

I can’t sing, but I can help you come up with some lyrics for a song to honor Tim. How about this?

“Oh Tim, you soar so high In the bright blue sky I think you can sing And I’d like you to try”

I appreciate the confidence, but I can’t actually sing, though they can.

How do we do this? Sing me a song.

“Quack quack goes the duck sphere Rolling round without any fear White and round with a beak so bright No feet needed, it’s quite the sight

In the pond or on the ground Still wasn’t singing, maybe that just hasn’t rolled out yet. I don’t know.

Alright, I’m over it. Anywho, it can, so we’ll just, we’ll throw that up. Look at that surprise with street, a moment of joy, and the stylish S. Now back to focus, the scenes complete, I ass soon this is going to be rolled out with the next update.

Pretty fun, some good stuff. I’ll check back in when we have that update, play around with it. We can have some laughs, we can laugh, oh, oh, how we laugh.

If you are, in fact, a human or a bot, hit like, hit subscribe, see you later!”

Quack quack goes the duck spere Rolling around without any fear
W around with a beak so bright No feet needed, it’s quite the sight

In the Ponder on the ground

Rolling smoothly round and around Be eyes and Feathers pure duck spe Strong will always endure

Quack quack goes the duck spere Bringing joy and spreading cheer With a W and a GL duck Spears Always by your side

Embracing the Next Chapter of AI with ChatGPT-4o

As we dive deeper into the era of ChatGPT-4o, we witness a groundbreaking revolution in AI-powered interactions. This cutting-edge technology not only promises unprecedented speed and coherence but also introduces a captivating dimension – video chat capabilities. Prepare to be amazed as we explore the vast potential of ChatGPT-4o and its impact on how we communicate and interact with artificial intelligence.

The seamless integration of video chat into the ChatGPT-4o experience opens up a world of possibilities. Imagine effortlessly conversing with an AI assistant while simultaneously sharing visual cues, expressions, and real-time feedback. This multisensory interaction elevates the user experience to new heights, fostering a more natural and immersive dialogue.

But ChatGPT-4o’s prowess extends far beyond mere conversation. Its advanced image generation and manipulation capabilities allow for boundless creativity. From crafting whimsical characters like the beloved “duck spere” to envisioning entire comic strips or animated sequences, this AI assistant empowers users to bring their wildest imaginations to life.

As we delve further into the realm of ChatGPT-4o, we uncover its remarkable ability to maintain contextual memory and coherence. This means that conversations can flow seamlessly, with the AI retaining and building upon previous information, much like a human would. Gone are the days of disjointed and fragmented exchanges – ChatGPT-4o offers a truly engaging and meaningful discourse.

Moreover, ChatGPT-4o’s versatility knows no bounds. From tackling complex analytical tasks to crafting engaging narratives or even attempting to compose lyrical tributes, this AI assistant continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Its ever-expanding capabilities are a testament to the rapid advancements in the field of artificial intelligence.

As we stand on the precipice of this technological revolution, it’s important to embrace the innovative spirit that drives ChatGPT-4o. While there may be hiccups and challenges along the way, the potential rewards are immense. From revolutionizing industries and enhancing productivity to sparking new creative endeavors, the applications of this technology are truly limitless.

So, let us embrace the future with open arms. Let us revel in the excitement of witnessing the birth of a new era, where the lines between human and artificial intelligence blur, and where our imaginations can soar to unprecedented heights. Welcome to the world of ChatGPT-4o – a world where the impossible becomes possible, and where the boundaries of what we can achieve are constantly being redefined.


Q: Is ChatGPT-4o free?

A: Currently, ChatGPT-4o is available as a free trial for a limited time. However, it’s expected that Anthropic, the company behind ChatGPT-4o, will eventually offer a paid subscription model or usage-based pricing once the trial period ends. The exact pricing and availability details are yet to be announced.

Q: Will ChatGPT-4o be free?

A: While the initial launch of ChatGPT-4o includes a free trial period, it is unlikely to remain entirely free in the long run. Anthropic will likely implement a pricing structure, either through subscriptions or pay-per-use models, to sustain the development and maintenance of this advanced AI technology. However, the company may offer a limited free tier or occasional free usage credits.

Q: Is ChatGPT-4o better than ChatGPT-4?

A: Yes, ChatGPT-4o is considered a significant improvement over its predecessor, ChatGPT-4. It boasts enhanced capabilities, including faster processing speeds, improved coherence in conversations, better handling of contextual information, and the ability to engage in video chat interactions. Additionally, ChatGPT-4o’s image generation and manipulation skills have been upgraded, enabling more creative and visually appealing outputs.

Q: How do I get ChatGPT-4o?

A: To access ChatGPT-4o, you’ll need to sign up for an account on Anthropic’s website or through their dedicated application. During the initial launch phase, Anthropic may limit access or implement a waitlist system due to high demand. Once you’ve secured access, you can start exploring ChatGPT-4o’s capabilities through the provided interface or by integrating it into your applications using the available APIs and software development kits (SDKs).

It’s important to note that as ChatGPT-4o is a newly released technology, the availability, pricing, and access methods may evolve over time. It’s recommended to check Anthropic’s official channels for the latest updates and details on how to obtain and utilize this cutting-edge AI assistant.

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